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This service is for existing patients of Dr Suppiah. Only medications relevant to your rheumatological condition will be prescribed. Please contact your family doctor (GP) for all other medications. For most rheumatic medications, there is a requirement for regular blood testing. The medications will only be re prescribed if you have had your regular blood tests and the blood tests are normal.

In the email please specify:
* Your full name
* Cell phone number
* Medications you want prescribed
* What you want done with the script:     
a) Be posted to the address we hold on file
b) Kept at the front desk for you to collect
c) Faxed and posted to a Pharmacy. Please provide the name, postal address and fax number of the pharmacy

We cannot email prescriptions to you. Your details and medications listed must match our records. Please allow up to 7 days for us to action this request.

There is a $32 charge for this service. 

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