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Telehealth and extra precautions for consultations

We have all had to change the way we work as a result of the Covid19 pandemic and this includes rheumatologists.

If the service you require can be delivered via telehealth (i.e. phone or video consultation) this option is available to you.

When being seen in person, you will need to confirm you are well from an infection perspective. All patients will have to have their hands sanitized and will need to wear a surgical mask on entry into our waiting room.

Dr Suppiah and all his staff are fully vaccinated.  Appropriate PPE is used by all.  The room and equipment is sanitised between patients.  

Most insurance companies now cover telehealth consultations under their policies. 

Covid 19 FAQs

The guidance provided here is specific for patients treated by Dr Suppiah

1. What is Covid19

Corona Virus Disease 19 is a new coronavirus that causes lung and airway infections. It is sometimes called SARS-CoV-2.

Typical symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath. The current evidence is that most cases appear to be mild. The symptoms are similar to other viral illnesses such as the common cold and flu.

New variants of the disorder are more likely to have less respiratory symptoms, and cause more muscle pain and non specific flu like symptoms

2. Can I get the Covid Vaccine?

3. Are my risks of Covid19 increased?

4. Which medications suppress my immune system?

5. Do I need to take any extra precautions?

Where can I find more information?

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